Hey there, I’m Chelsea. I am pumped to be here at Stargazer learning how to make some truly stellar jewelry.
I love working with my hands and crafting pieces I know will be cherished for as long as its owner has it. Throughout my life, I’ve been making and producing art of one sort or another for as long as I can remember. Never being one to settle on an art form, I’m always working on something; drawing, painting, sculpting, knitting, woodwork, stained glass, and most recently, ceramics. 
Working with gold comes with its technical challenges, but there’s nothing like that hard work being rewarded with a final piece that is going to beautifully accent and punctuate someone’s personal style! When I’m not binging my podcasts and making things with my hands, you will most likely find me either in a park somewhere relating a cool plant or animal fact, or in a coffee shop diving into deep conversations with new friends or back at home, snuggling in a nest of covers playing sudoku puzzles and listening to documentaries with a cat in my lap.