Do you work with steel or titanium?
All of our jewelry is built in 14k or 18k solid gold.

I really like a specific septum ring, can you build it in silver?
Silver tarnishes quickly, even more quickly in the moist environment of a nose. The tarnish (called silver sulfide) can irritate the sensitive mucous membrane inside the nose. This can lead to issues including staining the skin black or green, and even damaging the piercing to the point where it would need to be removed.
While not everyone will experience these problems, we have decided that it is more important to ensure the safety of our clients rather than gamble with their piercings.

Is your jewelry safe for long term wear?
Our jewelry is definitely suitable for long term wear. All of our gold is guaranteed to be free of nickel (even our white gold), and our solder free of cadmium.

Can I be pierced with a piece of your jewelry?
The surface of our jewelry is polished to a mirror finish with the assumption that it may be used in a fresh piercing.

Do you plate your jewelry?
No, we do not plate any of our jewelry. Each piece is built from solid gold.

Do you offer cubic zirconia or synthetic opals?
We strive to provide some of the most unique precious metal body jewelry available. We’ve made the decision to offer only genuine gemstones. We feel that sets each piece apart from one another and lends a touch of individualism.

How do I purchase your jewelry?
We supply our jewelry to piercing and tattoo studios all over the world!
A reputable shop will always be able to order any piece you’re interested in, even if they do not currently carry our line. Apart from supporting a local brick and mortar business, an added advantage of purchasing our jewelry through a piercing or tattoo studio is the assurance that a professional piercer has measured your anatomy correctly to ensure that your new jewelry will fit perfectly.

Where can I find your catalog?
For a full list of Stargazer Jewelry, please download our catalog Here
*An updated catalog will be available very soon!*